50th Year’s Judith Leiber Grand Exhibition

Judith Leiber taking the opportunity to celebrate 50th years anniversary and proudly present the special collection “Judith Leiber grand exhibition” This time is the first time of the world that likely to present a clutch luxury limited edition. The special collection is “snake” 4 pieces are in Asia’s storage luxury brands “Judith Leiber“. The shows of Judith Leiber’s Grand Exhibition presenting marvelous with hi-light show 4 pieces with 4 styles and Collection of Spring and Summer 2013 located at Beauty Gems Center Exhibition Hall on Friday. February 22nd, 2013.

Thailand is proud and delightful to have the opportunity to present and sell the hi-end products of “Judith Leiber” ranked number one of Asia. It is the privileged to go to the United States before anyone country in Asia to select the storage collection Spring and Summer 2013 in additional of more than 20 versions. For the fashionista, to update new fashion before anyone else. Especially limited edition “Snakes”, Storage crystal flower. Swarovski price, 185, 000 baht. Made only 4 pieces 4 styles in Asia. For this collection of Judith Leiber. They are not just an evening Clutch for Party nights, but can be adjust to Day Clutch during the daytime.

For more information, please contact Judith Leiber’s shop in Park Lane, Telephone number: (+66) 02 -382-1580 or Beauty Gems Center Silom. Telephone number: (+66) 02-237-8680-99.

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